About Chios

Chios is known as the fragrant flower of the Aegean. From the first inhabitants from the Early Neolithic Era and Early Bronze Age to the tourist that arrive nowadays, everybody who came to Chios wants to come again. The reasons are varied! Maybe because of the islands jasmine, wild tulips, the mastic tree and intoxicating fragrances or the medieval villages, which still has their unique atmosphere.

It is worth to visit Chios and travel around the picturesque villages and the beautiful, sun -drenched coastlines. The Villages are built on plains or rocks and others near the coast, full of smells and sounds of the fresh wind and the deep blue sea of the Aegean are hugging around the island. Chios is a hospitable island and his residents are polite and peaceful, ready tο welcome with kindness every new visitors.

Chios has a permanent resident population of 51,936. A large number of Chians moved to urban centers on the Greek mainland. The island historically has always had a significant diaspora abroad, notably in New York and London. During Orthodox Christian celebrations and the summer season, a twofold increase is not unusual for the island's inhabitants.